shark fishing key largo

Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is a great way for you to catch a true monster. While fishing on a half day charter, we had repeat customers John and Lisa, tell us they really wanted to catch a true giant to have a replica trophy made. After hearing this we immediately pulled in the gear we use for trolling on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charter and put out the fresh Bonita we just caught for bait to catch one of these dinosaurs.

It didn’t take long for our surface bait to get eaten. After feeding the shark for a moment he was hooked, and he knew it. The sound of the drag screaming is enough to get anyone’s heart pumping. ┬áIf your interested in battling a giant shark like the 103″ hammerhead in the picture, we’d be happy to make that dream come true for you the next time you go Fishing in Fort Lauderdale.