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Guide to types of Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing

Ft Lauderdale fishing trips

Trolling is the most popular method to produce game fish while fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  This type of fishing consists of cruising up and down the coast using bait or lures. They are pulled at an average speed of 6-12 knots depending on the species you desire and the depth of water.  Trolling the waters of Fort Lauderdale is most likely going to produce fish like Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, Bonita, and Tuna!!!

Kite fishing

Fort Lauderdale sport fishing
Kite fishing is a different method of presenting live bait. The bait is suspended vertically from the kite to the water.This is one of the most productive ways to catch sailfish,sharks,dolphin,kingfish,etc.  This type of fishing was invented in the waters off of South Florida, right here in our back yard. 

Follow this link to watch a video that better explains how its done.

Wreck Fishing and Bottom Fishing

Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing
Live bait, dead bait and jigs are all used. Some of the most preferred eating fish (such as Snapper and Grouper) as well as some of the most powerful fish (Amberjack) are caught when wreck and bottom fishing.  The key to being successful in this type of fishing is knowing where the ship wrecks are… which we do.  We use fish finding machines to let us know when and where we need to deploy our bait on the wrecks we have just outside our home port, some are even less than 10 minutes from the inlet!

Shark Fishing
Although there are very few (depending on the season) sharks caught per charter, the fight can be very challenging and exciting. Sharks can be caught bottom fishing or kite fishing. The benefit of kite fishing is that you can see the shark actually attack its prey. Witnessing the actions of the shark before hand is quite interesting. Although we have thousands of pictures taken over the past few years here are just a few! It takes many years to learn the different types of fishing off the shores of Miami Beach.

We have mastered the techniques to assure a successful charter, (at least most of the time)!! If Shark Fishing is what your’re interested in, consider doing a Bimini quick trip, which would require a longer charter, but that’s where it’s happening!