We’ve been fishing our tails off the past couple of months and we are glad to say that it has remained consistent. Summer time fishing in Fort Lauderdale is always a blast. This past week we spent a good amount of time fishing with live baits out of the kites and it sure did pay off. This is the time of year that we see Giant blackfin tuna weighing up to 35 pounds. We also have a great sailfish run during the summer time. The most popular fish our customers like to target this time of year is the elusive mahi mahi. Mahi fishing off Fort Lauderdale is very productive this time of year with most fish weighing in the 7-10 pound range and its not uncommon to see fish up to 35 pounds regularly.

Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing has more to offer than just your migratory pelagic species. When the trolling slows down we go to the bottom for different fish like snapper, grouper, or tilefish (my favorite). If snapper fishing is your thing, we’d love for our crew to show you how its done. The yellow tail snapper fishing in Fort Lauderdale is underestimated and often productive. So whether its dragging baits on the surface or dropping baits to the bottom, we would love to be the crew to bring you that experience. Give us a call for the best charter fishing in Fort Lauderdale and see why our customers come back over and over again.