The fishing season is starting to pick up right on schedule.  We’ve been catching a lot of different species of fish the last few weeks.  One of the more popular fish to target is the Mahi Mahi.  These beautiful fish put on an acrobatic show throughout most of the fight which is amazing to watch.  The best way to target Mahi is by trolling a combination of artificial and natural baits such as ballyhoo outside the reef in depths ranging from 200-600 feet of water.  

We’ve also been seeing good numbers of GIANT King Mackerel along with some Blackfin Tuna, and Little Tunny (false Albacore).  In the coming weeks we can expect to see a good run of Sailfish come through which is usually pretty exciting.  For any questions feel free to contact us and when your ready to reserve your charter just pick from one of our many options we have to offer.  Tight lines.

Captain Chris Molinet