We’ve had the opportunity to get out and do some sword fishing on our charters lately.  To say the least it is hands down the most exciting fishing charter that can be offered off of Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach.  As we go through the transition from fall to winter we are going to start seeing A lot more billfish opportunities such as sailfish and swordfish.  The fishing in Fort Lauderdale is some of the best there is to offer in Florida  for the winter time because we are so close to the Gulf Stream.  On any given day over the next few months we can expect to see yellowtail and vermillion snapper,  sailfish, sharks, king mackeral, Mahi Mahi, tuna, wahoo, and cobia.  if that doesn’t sound like fun to you than someone should check your pulse (just kidding).  If you have ever wondered what it might cost or what it entails feel free to give us a call and we’ll more than happy to answer all of your questions  Tight lines